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My wife and I are thrilled with our newest addition, Joy Melody, born in May of 2014.

Hi!  I’m Ben Beitzel.  I’m a creative professional. I like things of quality and authenticity. How did it all begin? Sitting on my dad’s lap doodling “cartoons.” Art Classes since 2nd grade. Got cut from a few sports teams. Back to art I guess… In 8th grade, I started making movies with the family Hi8 camcorder and haven’t stopped. I went to college for it (and graphics and theater), moved to California for it, and have had incredible opportunities and experiences as a result. I served 5 years as a marketing manager for a non-profit building the brand with great success.

Meanwhile in Tinseltown… I’ve had great opportunities to work with A-list actors, won some awards, and continue working on film and commercial sets.

I’m the captain of Hat Hare Productions, and along with some other great talented folks- we can add a little magic to your venture.

We’re based in Southern California and love to travel!

We look forward to partnering with you! Jump in!